Sunday, March 8, 2009

Intel GMA 950 Review

Everybody are thinking why this fellow is writing a review about Intel GMA 950 now, while it was out some three years ago . well everyone saw reviews about GMA 950 when it was released and there was very much negative responses from gamers that this is a stupid old card which was not able to play games like painkiller, splinter cell chaos theory even when it meets all the requirements. I agree with all the reviewers that it was not able to play the above games during that time when the GMA was released with no proper drivers . Now using this GMA 950 i was able to play games like crysis , crysis warhead, need for speed carbon and world of warcraft wrath of the lich king etc. This all became possible with improved drivers from Intel and some softwares like 3D Analyze, swiftshader and also modded drivers. I will explain this softwares one by one.

3D Analyze

This is one of the most important software for those people whose video card does not support hardware transform and lighting (TnL) . Most of the games required hardware TnL,previously hardware TnL was done on cpu. Most of the games does not even start on GMA 950 as they specifically check for hardware TnL which the GMA does not support. Using this software we can emulate hardware TnL (making the game to believe that video card support hardware TnL).

using this 3D analyze i played games like prince of persia sands of time, painkiller,overlord, crysis,crysis warhead. The latest games crysis and crysis warhead ran at very low setting with playable frame rates. whereas old games like sands of time, painkiller and overlord worked at high settings.Most of the games worked for me by emulating hardware TnL.

How to use 3D Analyze

1. first download the 3D Analyze from here

2. unzip into a folder and then run 3DAnalyze.exe

3. Then press select

4. now go to the folder where you have installed the game

5. select the .exe file ( like prince of persia.exe etc)

5. now under hardware limits tick the boxes emulate HW TnL caps

6. press run.

you can save this setting as batch file . Instead of running the software again and again you can run the batch file.


This is another software which can run games if you don't have hardware TnL. It totally depends on the CPU . If you want to play games with swiftshader i recommend that u have very powerful CPU like Quad core or core i7 (better getting a graphic card than getting core i7). well only thing you have to do is to drop d3d8.dll and d3d9.dll in the directory of the game .After dropping the dll's you can run the game . Because of fully dependent on CPU most of the games will become unplayable (low FPS).


This is another method of making a game believe that hardware T n L exist on your card . Few games just check whether hardware T n L exists are not even though the processor is able to do those hardware T n L so the game refuses to launch . Some of the game which can be run using addgame.reg are devil may cry 3 , crysis , splinter cell pandora tomorrow etc. i am giving u the code to add the game to your registry . only thing you have to do is paste this code in your notepad and save it as addgame.reg or watever u want .

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


if u want to add a game to your registry just change the nfsdemo.exe to the game you want to add to registry . This only works for windows vista .

Modding intel 965 series driver

It seems that driver which are provided by intel are not good enough to run games like call of duty 2 and portal and finally when intel stopped updating driver for GMA 950, people started modding drivers of intel 4 series for GMA 950 . To everybody's surprise games like call of duty 2 and portal started working, moreover crysis started working without 3D analyze software. There are tutorial for modding drivers of 4 series in youtube .

i have modded a driver and tested on my system . With this modded driver and registry mod i am able to play lot of games without the need of 3D Analyze . Games like Splinter cell chaos theory, Devil may cry 3 , crysis etc are playable . i have also noticed some changes after installing this modded drivers. I will post screenshots of GPU caps viewer for the both version(official and modded driver).

Well you can clearly see the difference, in official 1504 driver the number of vertex shader under texture units in GPU caps viewer is 0 whereas in 1624 drivers the number of vertex shader is 16 and also now the number of Render targets are 7 whereas in 1504 driver it is 0. I have heard a lot about GMA 950 that it supports a lot of openGL extensions other than the Current drivers support. When some people asked about why intel is not providing any drivers for GMA 950 they say that the Video card is end of maintanence . I don't understand why intel is not providing any drivers for 945G which can run windows 7 with full Aero glory .

Intel 9xx Gaming community

This Group has been tweaking the intel drivers for a long time and they have come out with some outstanding drivers, which gave a performance improvements in several games . They have tweaked a lot of games which were consider to be unplayable .When i bought this GMA 950 i thought man i am not going to play games like resident evil 4 , crysis etc .. but after joining this group i have played lot of games which i never thought it is possible . you can get the updated list of games that are playable on intel GMA 950 and also in intel GMA 900 . Those who are interested can join this group .

Final thoughts

Intel GMA 950 for sure is not for gamers who need good frame rates and play modern games . still this video card can play old games at acceptable frame rates and can run windows vista with aero and also can run the upcoming windows 7 .In next review i will bring out the benchmarks of games played on GMA 950. hope this was useful.

List of games playable on GMA 950

I will be updating this list regularly .

Africa Corps vs. Desert Rats ( XP ONLY)
Age of Empires II + The Conquerors Expansion
Age of Empires III + The Warchiefs + The Asian Dynasties
Age of Mythology + Titans Expansion
Aggression: Reign Over Europe (Using 3DAnalyzer: all textures work but too slow. FPS is unplayable status. Try Swiftwshader)
Aion Online
AirStrike 3D II
Alpha Prime

Alien Shooter + expansions

Alien Shooter 2 + expansions

America's Secret Operations
Anno 1404 Dawn Of Discovery (3D Analyzer-Emulate Hardware Tnl)
Area 51 (Version 1.2 patch)
Armies of Exigo (Works with Medium Settings with Swiftshader)

Avencast-Rise of the mage

Bad Boys 2: The Video Game
Baja 1000 (use addreg, Still Laggs though)

Battle Isle: The Andosia Conflict
Battlefield 1942 + Expansions or 3danalyze to enable TnL)
Battlefield 1942: Desert Combat Mod
Battlefield 2 (SwiftShader 2.0 at lowest setting, very laggy)
Battlefield 2142 (3DA emulate hardware Tnl, software TnL, a bit laggy at lowest setting)

Battlefield Heroes

Battle Realms + Expansion
Battlestataions Midway
Battlefield Vietnam
Batman Vengeance

Beyond Good And Evil
Big Mutha Truckers 2

Black And White

Black Mirror / Black Mirror Special Edition
BlackShot (All Details High, tested with XP v1.2 Modded Driver)
Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII
Blitzkrieg + All Expansions
Blitzkrieg 2 Demo (But NOT the full version of game!Comment: Blitzkrieg 2: Liberation worked for me, Vista)
Blood Bowl

Bloodrayne 1 (3da sw tnl, hw tnl) medium settings

Boiling Point: Road to Hell (Vista/7 Modded Drivers. Low FPS, about 15-20 on version 1.00)

Breath of fire 4

Brian Lara International Cricket 2005
Brian Lara International Cricket 2007 (3D Analyze)
Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars (Works under XP and Vista)
Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon (Works under XP and Vista)
Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror (Works under XP and Vista)
Brothers In Arms: Road To Hill 30 (3danalyze or addgame.reg)
Brothers In Arms: Earned In Blood (Laggy)

Caesar IV
Call of Ctulhu: Dark corners of the Earth

Call of Duty + United Offensive
Call of Duty 2 (Windows Vista/Windows 7 With Modded Drivers and 'addgame.reg' Tweak)
Call of Juarez (Bit Laggy)
Championship Manager 2006
Championship Manager 2007
Championship Manager 2008
Chaos Legion (Best Resolution, high details - very smooth FPS)
Chrome: Specforce (Laggy - try low/middle settings)
Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena (Use 3D Analyze and emulate HW TnL)
Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (Use 3D Analyze and emulate HW TnL)
CivCity Rome
Civilization IV
Clive Barker's Undying
Close Combat: First to Fight (Use 3D Analyzer, force SW TnL, emulate HW TnL caps)
Code of Honor 2: Conspiracy Island

Code of Honor 3: Desperate Measures (barely playable on minimum setting)
Codename Panzers: Phase One
Codename Panzers: Phase Two (Note: for both versions, if you encountered any problems running the demos, change Shadow to 1 under Options.ini file. This only applies to the demos, the full versions can function perfectly.)
Cold Blood (Only XP)
Cold Fear (3d Analyzer 2.34 only, emulate hw tnl, other dx8.1 caps, force sw tnl)
Colin McRae Rally 2.0
Colin McRae Rally 2004 (Update to latest patch for removing graphical issues)
Comanche 4
Combat Arms (korean MMOFPS)
Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 + Yuri's Revenge Expansion Pack

Command & Conquer: Renegade
Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars + Kane's Wrath (shader detail must be set to medium to avoid crashes)
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 + Expansion (Too slow with normal driver,but much better with modded drivers.(addgame.reg, or patch game for more FPS increase.)
Commandos (All Versions)
Company of Heroes (xp--> Laggy even at very low settings vista+mod drivers+addgame.reg---> smooth and playable)
Conan (3da swtnl, hwtnl)

Condemned: Criminal Origins
Conflict: Desert Storm 2
Conflict: Vietnam
Contract Jack
Counter Strike 1.6
Counter Strike: Condition Zero
Counter Strike: Source
Crashday (Not playable with Swiftshader. FPS too slow)
Crayon Physics Deluxe

Crazy Taxi

Cricket 2005
Cricket 2007
Crime Life: Gang Wars (Use 3D Analyze and emulate HW TnL - solves random restart problem)
Crimson Skies


Cross Racing Championship 2005

Crysis Demo (3D Analyzer v2.34 - emulate HW TnL)
Crysis Warhead (945 - Modded driver with addgame.reg Tweak. Also works on 3D Analyze)
Crysis Wars Trial (945 - Modded driver 1554 with registry of "1" on crysis.exe)
Crysis v1.0 (Can run on Vista without 3D Analyze)
CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder

Darkest Island
Dead to Rights
Delta Force: Black Hawk Down + Team Sabre (3Danalyze/RegTweak)

Delta Force Xtreme 2 (3Danalyze/RegTweak) (Laggy)
Deus Ex
Deus Ex 2: Invisible War
Devastation (All settings on High + highest resolution)
Devil May Cry 3 ('addgame.reg' Tweak[Vista/Win7] 3DA Force SW TnL Emulate HW TnL caps Emulate pixel shader caps Check skip pixel shader version 1.1 Check skip pixel shader version 1.4 Check skip pixel shader version 2.0 Check force 100 hz Check disable lighting Note* :This only works on Devil may cry 3 version 1.0) ( Extra Note: Don't use Game Rips or you won't be able to go to the 2nd level. Thing is you can only use Virgil )
Diablo II + Lord of Destruction Expansion (DirectDraw Mode Gives Best Performance)
Dino Crisis (only under XP)
Dino Crisis 2
Dirt Track Racing
Dirty Split
Disciples II
Divine Divinity
Dredd vs Death

Doom 3 (Better with Doom 3 Tweaker Screen RES: 512x384 Minimum Quality Preset 15-60 FPS)
Dungeon Lords (With 3D Analyzer, force SW TnL, emulate HW TnL caps)
Dungeon Runners (Don't put bloom too high)
Dungeon Siege I
Dungeon Siege II
Dynasty Warriors 4: Hyper

Dynasty Warrior 6: Hyper (Slow but not laggy, haven't used Swiftshader or 3D Analyzer)

Earth 2160 (Use 3D Analyzer, force SW TnL, emulate HW TnL caps)
Empire Earth I
Empire Earth II
Empire Earth III Demo (Shaders set to Medium)
Empire Total War: Special Forces Edition (Windows Vista/7 + Modded Drivers + 3D Analyzer - emulate HW TnL caps)
Enter The Matrix
Europa Universalis 3 (Using Swiftshader 2.01, needs further experiment in config)
Evil Dead: Regeneration


Fable: The Lost Chapters
Fahrenheit / Indigo Prophecy
Falcon 4.0: Allied Force

Fantastic 4

Far Cry (Try patching first. Use 3D Analyzer, VendorID= 4098, DeviceID= 20040)
F.E.A.R. (Patch v1.01 to v1.08 required) + Extraction Point
F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate
FIFA 2003
FIFA 2005
FIFA 2006 + Road To World Cup
FIFA 2007
FIFA 2008
FIFA 2009
FIFA Manager 2006
FIFA Manager 2007
FIFA Manager 2008
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIII (If it seems bad, dont think it's the card, this game only runs at 640x 480 with bad quality textures)
FlatOut 2 (With low resolution, it runs without lag)
Football Manager 2007
Football Manager 2008
Football Manager 2009
Freedom Fighters

Garry's Mod
Gothic 2
Grandia 2 (only under XP)
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City
Grand Theft Auto: Vice city
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Grim Fandango (Requires newest patch, or it will run in hyperspeed)
Gran Turismo Racing 2
Gran Turismo Racing: Revolution
Guild Wars
Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock (v1.3 patch and 3D Analyzer - force SW TnL, disable lighting, force low precision pixel shader, emulate HW TnL caps, emulate other DX8.1 caps, performance mode and Vendor ID: 4318 Device ID: 816)

Half-Life 2
Half-Life 2: Episode One
Half-Life 2: Episode Two (Windows Vista/7)
Half-Life 2: Lost Coast
Halo: Combat Evolved
Halo: Custom Edition
Harley-Davidson: Race To The Rally
Harry Potter: The Goblet of fire
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (basically all HP games run except Order of Phoenix)

Hellgate: London
Heroes of Might and Magic III + Expansion
Heroes of Might and Magic V (Patch up to 1.6 will solve all problems regarding crashing to desktop also officially remove the CD/DVD check. Note: There will be minor graphical glitches present if run normally. Use 3DAnalyze with Emulate HW TnL checked, for better view. Try check force shader 1.1 in 3da if it has graphical errors after enabled pixelshader)
Heroes of Might and Magic V - Tribes of the East (v3.0 Stand alone, no patch needed - Worked with Vista and XP)
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
Hitman 3: Contracts
Hitman 4: Blood Money (3D Analyze emulating HW TnL - lags badly and textures corrupted)
Homeworld 2
House of the Dead 1-2


Hunting Unlimited 2010

Hydro Thunder

Indigo Prophecy / Fahrenheit
International Cricket Captain 2008
Infernal (Works great out of the box - 640x480 with DOF and Reflection off [Windows 7 + Modded Drivers])
Iron Man

Jade Dynasty
Just Cause (3D Analyze force HW TnL, antidetect shaders)

Jurassic Park Operation Genesis(3d analyzer emulate pixel shader caps -VASH )

Kabus 22
K-Hawk: Survival Instinct
Killing Floor
King Kong
Kohan + Expansions
Kohan 2
Kuma Games

Land Of The Dead: Road To Fiddlers Green
Land Rover Off Road
League of Legends
Left 4 Dead (Modded 1624 drivers,game accelerator,cpu right mark,disable postprocessing)
Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen
Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2
Legacy of Kain: Defiance (Vista/7 with addgame.reg)
Lego Batman
Lego Indiana Jones
Lego Star Wars (With 3D Analyzer, emulate HW TnL caps, Force SW TnL)
Lego Star Wars 2
Line Of Sight: Vietnam
Live For Speed

Making History + Gold Edition
Marine Heavy Gunner: Vietnam
Marine Sharpshooter 2
Matt Hoffman Pro BMX
Max Payne (Patch 1.05, tested on XP SP2)
Max Payne 2
Mechcommander 2
Mechwarrior 3 + Pirate Moon
Mechwarrior 4 + All Expansions
Medal Of Honor: Pacific Assault
Medieval II: Total War
Megaman X4
Megaman X5
Megaman X6
Megaman X7
Megaman X8
Metal Gear Solid
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
Microsoft Flight Simulator X + Deluxe Version
Midnight Nowhere
Monster Truck Madness 2
MotoGP 3
Mount & Blade (DirectX 7)
Myst 4: Revelations
Myst 5: End Of Ages

Nancy Drew: The White Wolf Of Icicle Creek
Nascar: SimRacing
NBA Live 2006
NBA Live 2008
Need for Speed: Carbon (Vista. On XP with Swiftshader - but low FPS)
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2
Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Need for Speed: Porsche
Need for Speed: Pro Street (Swiftshader but it's laggy like Carbon on xp)
Need for Speed: Underground
Need for Speed: Underground 2
Need for Speed: Undercover (Must have 1.5gb ram, Windows Vista and run the game in Windows 98 compatibility mode)
Neverwinter Nights: Diamond Editon
Neverwinter Nights 2 (Use 3D Analyzer v2.36 and emulate HW TnL)
NHL 2000
NHL 2001
NHL 2002
NHL 2003
NHL 2004
NHL 2005
NHL 2007
NiBiRu: Age of Secrets
Night Watch
No One Lives Forever
No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy In Harm's Way

O2 Mania
Obscure (Use 3D Analyzer v2.36 and emulate HW TnL)
Obscure 2
Onimusha 3: Demon Siege
Operation 7 (free online fps)
Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast
Overclocked: A history Of Violence (Use 3D Analyzer emulate HW TnL, force SW TnL. Got a BSOD sometime, still working for it and haven't used modded driver)
Overlord (Use 3D Analyzer and emulate HW TnL) (5-10 fps)
Overspeed: High Performance Street Racing

Painkiller (Use 3D Analyzer v2.36 and emulate HW TnL)
Pathologic (Use 3D Analyzer v2.36 and emulate HW TnL)
Peggle Deluxe
Peggle Nights Deluxe
Peggle Extreme
Perfect World (Works on lowest quality for Windows Vista)
Peter Jackson's King Kong
Phantasy Star Online Ver 2
Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst
Phantasy Star Universe
Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of illuminus (Both original and expansion will have post effect glowing problem most likely on XP. Use Swiftshader with d3d9 to solve the post effect problem. Should work without any problems for Windows Vista)
Plants vs. Zombies
Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor
Port Royale 2
Portal (Modded driver on Windows Vista)
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (Use 3D Analyzer v2.34 and emulate HW TnL)
Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones
Prince of Persia: Warrior Within
Prison Tycoon 4
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
Pro Evolution Soccer 2009
Project IGI
Project IGI 2: Covert Strike
PSI-OPS: The Mindgate Conspiracy
Psychonauts (Runs in 800x600 with Medium Details)
PyroBlazer (Emulate HW TnL caps and force 100 Hz)

Quake 3
Quake 4 (Better performance with modded drivers)

Rally Trophy
Rayman 2
Red Faction 2
Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45
Rent a Hero
Reservoir Dogs
Resident Evil 1 (Works on Windows XP, Vista, and Win7 with Windows 95 compatibility)
Resident Evil 2 (Works on Windows XP, Vista, and Win7 with Windows 98/2000 compatibility)
Resident Evil 3
Resident Evil 4 (Modded drivers on Windows Vista/7 works. Windows XP only on low 640x480, 15-25 FPS)
Rise of Nations + Thrones and Patriots
Rise of Nations 2: Rise of Legends
Rogue Trooper
Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 + Expansions
Rome: Total War
Rune Demo
Runescape + HD (All settings lowered for best performance)

Sam & Max Season 1 + 2
Samurai Warriors 2 / SENGOKU MUSOU 2
SAS: Secure Tomorrow
Scarface: The World Is Yours (Windows Vista/7 with 1545 modded driver and 'addgame.reg' Tweak)
Secret Files: Tunguska
Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis
Secret Weapons Over Normandy
Serious Sam
Serious Sam II
Shade - Wrath of Angels
Shadow Ops: Red Mercury
Ship Simulator 2006 + Add On
Shogun: Total War
Sid Meier's Railroad
Silent Hunter 3 (Lags when looking out onto the horizon)
Silent Hill 4: The Room (Use 3D Analyze and emulate HW TnL)
Silent Storm
Sim Copter
SimCity 4: Deluxe Edition
SimTower: The Vertical Empire
Singles 2: Triple Trouble (A copy of The Sims 2, runs perfect with modded driver)
Sins Of Solar Empire
Sniper Elite
Sniper Path Of Vengeance
Soldier Front
Soldier of fortune 2
Sonic Heroes
Sonic Worlds
Space Ranger
Space Ranger 2: Reboot (The Original Dominator is Playable)
Special Forces Nemesis
Specnaz 2 (Use 3D Analyze and emulate HW TnL, force SW TnL. Windows Vista/7 - a bit laggy)
SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars (Windows XP + modded drivers, 1024x768 4x antisotropic Filtering Texture:High ~20fps)
Spider Man 2
Splinter Cell 1 (To fix thermal vision crash, open SplinterCell.ini, look for "EmulateGF2Mode=0" and change to "EmulateGF2Mode=1")
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow (Windows Vista with Modded Drivers and the 'addgame.reg' Tweak for splintercell2.exe not pandora.exe )
SPORE™ + expansions
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadows of Chernobyl (Tweaking Guide -
Starship Troopers
Star Wars: Battlefront 1 ( All low - 40 FPS )
Star Wars: Battlefront 2 ( All low - 20 FPS )
Star Wars: Empire At War
Star Wars: Galactic Battles
Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2 - Jedi Outcast
Star Wars: Jedi Knight 3 - Jedi Academy
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Some graphic glitches, but otherwise runs fine)
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - The Sith Lords
Star Wars: Republic Commando
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D
Street Fighter Alpha 2
Street Racing Syndicate
Streets Of Sim City
Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People Episode 1 - 5
Sudden Attack (Korean fps)
Supreme Ruler
Supreme Ruler : Global Crisis
SWAT (Windows XP - compatibility mode for Windows 95)
SWAT 2 (Windows XP - compatibility mode for Windows 95)
SWAT 3 (Windows XP - compatibility mode for Windows 95)
SWAT 4 + Expansion
Swing Plus

Team Fortress 2 (Windows Vista and Modded Drivers. 'vertices 1024' command in console to obtain playable FPS)
Terrorist Takedown 2
The Cosen: Well of Souls (Rpg)
The Club
The Club Demo
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind + Expansions
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion + Expansions (OLDBLIVION required)(check for shivering isles fix for oldblivion)
The Fall - Last Days of Gaia
The Godfather
The Guild + Expansions
The Guild 2
The Hell In Vietnam
The Hobbit
The Lord Of The Rings: Battle For Middle Earth I
The Lord Of The Rings: Battle For Middle Earth II+ Expansion (Rise of the Witch King)
The Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring
The Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King (Help provided on Intel site and also works with 3D Analyzer)
The Lord Of The Rings: War Of The Ring
The Sims + Expansions
The Sims 2 + Expansions
The Sims 3 (All low quality)
The Suffering
The Suffering: Ties That Bind
The Terminator 3: war of the machines (a bit buggy on win7)
The Thing
The Westerner
The Witcher (Windows Vista/7 + Modded Drivers)
Thief 3: Deadly Shadows
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007
Toca Race Driver 2
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown (Use 3D Analyze and emulate HW TnL, force SW TnL)
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Raven Shield
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon
Tom Clancy's HAWX (3D Analyze with HW TnL, force sw tnl or modded driver with a registry value of 1 on HAWX.exe, playable with textures on low and highest resolution)
Tomb Raider: Anniversary
Tomb Raider: Legend
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4
Tony Hawk's Underground
Tony Hawk's Underground 2
Total Overdose
Trackmania Nations Forever (Higher FPS with modded driver or 3D Analyze)
Trackmania Sunrise / Trackmania Sunrise Extreme
Transformers: The Game
Trials 2 SE
True crime: Streets of LA ( Runs on vista, but game is very glitchy. ( patch advised) Fps:15-20 using 1GB.
True crime: New York City. ( Runs using addgame.reg, inside buildings runs perfect/outside city runs a little slow.)
Turok: Evolution (3d Analyze - HW TnL caps, force SW TnL, force 100hz)
Two Worlds (Use 3D Analyze and check force SW TnL)

Ultimate Spider-man (Use 3danalyze for better graphics)
Universe At War: Earth Assault
Unreal Tournament 2003
Unreal Tournament 2004
Unreal Tournament GOTY (OpenGL works best in some cases)
Urban Freestyle Soccer
Urban Terror

Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines (Systems with 2GB ram or more must use 3D Analyzer v2.26 or game will crash)
Vampire The Masquerade: Redemption
Virtua Tennis 3 (Update to latest patch. Works smoothly on 1024x768 with all low)

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos
Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
Warhammer 40k: Dark Crusade
Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War
Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War - Winter Assault
Warhammer 40k: Soul Storm
Warriors Orochi
Warlords Battlecry II
Warlords Battlecry III
War Rock
(The) Witcher (Windows Vista/7 + Modded Drivers)
World in Conflict (Version 1.0 with Pixel Shaders set to high)
World of Goo
World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade
World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
Worms: Forts Under Siege
Worms 3D
Worms 4: Mayhem
Worms World Party
WWE RAW Ultimate Impact 2009

X3: Reunion (Update to the latest patch and use the 'addgame.reg' Tweak)
X-Men: The Official Game (Use 3D Analyze and emulate HW TnL)
Xpand Rally Xtreme

Yager (Use 3D Analyzer and emulate HW TnL)
Ys Ark of Napishtim (Patch to 1109, apply english translation)
Zombie Shooter

Any problem with the above games please click on this group Intel 9xx gaming


  1. Hello Neoswrath,

    Your information is very useful thanks for it in advance,

    I also own a GMA 950 and want to play te game fifa manager 09. This game is compatible with my video card but it is not possible to play the 3d match.

    Firstly i tried 3danalyze and suddenly the option 3d match appeared to be selected in a dropdown menu. But when i clicked it the games is crashing. In 3d analyze i only selected HW tnl caps.

    After that i tried swiftshader with this app the 3d function fully worked but was lacking that hard that is was unable to play the game.

    Could you please help me?

    After i tried to play the game with 3danalyze

  2. Thanks for the information.
    Can you try to see if Dawn Of War 2 works??

  3. hey james ... FIFA 09 is playable in intel GMA 950 ... and i think Fifa manager 09 will also work ...there is a youtube video and follow the tips to run the game smooth

    1. i also have been playing fifa 10 without any software.....same graphic card..

  4. will i be able to play sims 3 on the same graphics card?
    im confused as to is this the lates Intel GMA that was released?

    sori if i sound dumb rite now.. lolz

  5. well namz ...
    yes the sim 3 is playable on GMA 950 but all at low settings ...

  6. Hi, im trying to run Outrun 2006 on my mobile 945gm but it doesnt work...any advice?

  7. where can i download the modded driver? -Aaron-

  8. Can I download Street fighter IV with this 950?

  9. HI neo. i hav g31 express chipset .i just wanna play crysis on this but the problem is vertex shader pls tell me how to mod it with the drivers and how to play the games...pls help me ...anything will be appreciated..

  10. Hi Neo, thanks for the enlightenment, I am curious, what settings did you use in 3d Analyze for the Splinter Cell series you listed above? I am having problems with Pandora Tomorrow (I haven't tried Chaos Theory yet). Oh and I found a solution for the heat vision goggles in the first game, go to SplinterCell.ini, look under "[D3DDrv.D3dRenderDevice]", look for "EmulateGF2Mode=0" and change "EmulateGF2Mode=1".

    One last question, does 3d Analyzer crash the first Splinter Cell for you when you try to use it?

  11. Oh, I used the modded Vista Drivers and don't really need 3d analyze... lol!

  12. Will CNC3 work on Intel GMA 950

    1. yes it will work with 15-35 fps

  13. Will Halo 2 work on a netbook?

  14. hi Neo im having problems with prince of Persia sands of time .i have intel 965 chipset. After installing the game it says that video card is not supported but i have played WOW and T2t on the same platform. im working on windows 7 currently. please if you could give me the details to fix this problem .im loging to play this game.

  15. Hey sameer ... just use 3D Analyze software to run the game ... i was able to play the game using the 3D analyze software ... just go through the details that is provided in this site about 3D Analyze ... Did u install the latest intel drivers for windows 7 ... if not please download and install that may fix the problem

  16. o roda o street fighter 4 na minha gma 950????

  17. Hi, does GTA IV works?

    Thank you, I wish I had found this blog loong ago...

  18. Hi there .. well GTA IV will not work on intel GMA 950 since it needs shader model 3.0 .. So there is no chance of running that ...

  19. Hi there i have mobile intel 4 series express chipset family graphic card. I try to run Anno 1404 but the shadows of trees are disaster. I try with 3danalyzer but when i find exe file and run, something goes wrong its says: cant copy ForceDLL to Anno 1404 ForceDLL, please help

  20. ae pessoal o que é esse Tweak addgame reg??

  21. Hi ... Well if ur running windows vista then you have to run the 3D Analyze software as an administrator.. so right click on 3D Analyze.exe then run as an administrator ... instead of doing it again and again .. u can right click and go to properties ... there you will have an option call run this program as an administrator ..tick that box ... still doesn't work then turn Windows Vista UAC ... and then try ... it should work for sure ..

  22. Thank you Neo but shadow on the trees are still same. I dont think ill play that game :( My computer is Toshiba Tecra A10 Intel Core 2 Duo T6570 2.10GHz,3 GB DDR2, and obile intel 4 series express card. Do you think this configuration can run that game?? Trees shadow is so annoying, but other is good. What i can do?? Plese help

  23. Hi ... Well if intel GMA 950 can run the game then intel 4 series will be able to run the game better .. SO make sure that u r using the latest version of drivers ... check whether any patch is available for the game .. download it and see whether it makes any difference ... well intel 4 series support hardware T n L then why are u going for 3D Analyze .. see whether any of the above method makes any difference ... if not just post u r problem in intel9xx gaming group ... they can help u out..

  24. I dont understand i just reinstall graphic driver and now it work. Thank you Neo very much

  25. Can u tell me how to install mod drivers for my intel 945 chipset running windows xp ..not vista

  26. Hey if u want to know how to mod drivers for windows xp ... join this group ...

    this group will help you ..

  27. Can u post average fps per game and your system detail? I think it really helps me, thank you.

  28. Thanks so much for this info, I find it very useful as my computer can't suit a proper video card (because of power requirements) and I'm kinda stuck with Intel GMA for now.
    But I have just one question, from what I seem to understand, Intel GMA 950 and Intel 945G are the same thing, is this true? Because I have I have Intel 945GChipset. Thanks

  29. yes , intel 945G is the chipset and intel GMA 950 is the GPU ,,, all intel 945 series has intel GMA 950 as the GPU ... well my system configuration is windows vista sp2/ windows 7 beta ultimate ..
    1.5 GB ram
    2.8 GHz intel dual core processor
    driver version latest driver rom intel site ..
    the above version is for windows 7 and still u can install on windows vista ..
    i have not tested any games using this driver but i was getting 22 to 35 fps for prince of persia warrior within all setting high ..

  30. i just wanted to show a funny little video i made almost a year ago:

    Netbook gaming - Dreamcast emulation on GMA950 + ATOM:
    or search manually for it by typing (in youtube): 901 soul calibur

    P.S. this is the slower 150mhz model of GMA950 (=945GSE)... its NOT the 400mhz version...

    as u can see in this video the framerate is perfect - which means that the GMA950 is up to the job... unfortunatly the ATOM 1,6ghz is too slow to make fast gameplay

    enjoy! :-)

  31. Hi Neo
    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - The Sith Lords I found this in the list. But when I try to play in this game I can only view main menu and 1-st movie. Neither 3da nor swiftshader nor mod driver doesn't help. What should I do to play it on gma 950?

  32. Hi there , can you please give me ur system details .. the game also depends on processor speed,OS and ram and also mention the driver version u r using currently .I can help u out after seeing that.

  33. I have XP sp3 and Vista, Intel Core Duo 2.16 ghz, 1 gb ram.
    I try using modded drivers( - XP, - Vista), but game is not launching even menu. Now I have last official driver My chipset is Mobile Intel(R)945GM Express Chipset Family. What can you say now?

  34. Hi all. I have 2ghz Celeron with 1Gb ram and Intel 82945G chipset. I want to play Europa Universalis 3 In Nomine on this configuration, install it smoothly, started new game and then main map is watery. This is a common problem with this chipset so does anyone know can I use 3d Analyzer or PixelShader to fix this?

    Tnx in front!

  35. Hey man thanks a ton ! I had got Spellforce 2 which would not work out of the box with the G31 chipset board. Just saw your blog and tried out 3d analyser and now the game works like a charm !

  36. hey i cant run Aion online , i've tryed a lot of times , plzzzzzzz help me i rlly need to play this game ,i tryed to run it wirh 3d analyze

  37. Hello in your own opinion will gma950 able to handle Starcraft 2 ? thx


  38. Hi guys... Sorry for the delay ... i am cannot tell whether starcraft 2 will run on intel GMA 950 ...but as we are able to run wrath of the lich king i think we will be able to run starcraft 2 .. usually most of the strategy games should run in intel GMA 950.. and about Aion online ... i am not sure why u r not able to run ... can you post wat error u r getting .. and also the your system info. and operating system u r using.

  39. And about my EU 3 issues no suggestions ?! :(


  40. and about my EU 3 prob no suggestions ?! :(


  41. hi can you post wat error u were getting when u r launching the game and also u r system information ... i can try out that ...

  42. Just one thing I wanted to ask: Does LoL ask if you have Hardware TnL or not? And how strong does the CPU have to be to be able to play it?

  43. @ Neo - if you were talking to me, I dont get any error while installing or starting a new game. Everything seems fine, I start a new game without trouble and then I get main map screen where the map is transparent, kinda blue-ish. I see borders, other windows in the game works well, its just that main-map transparency problem. I googled for a days and it seems that is quite common prob..

    I have Celeron 1.8Ghz with 1GB ram, Intel 82945 integrated chipset graphics which is 845 family card. And WinXP ver 2002 service pack 3.

    Is there any 3dAnalyze configuration which can solve that main-map problem? Or the game is unreachable for that graphics...

  44. Well i think the game can run well in vista or windows 7 .. did you ask people in intel9xx gaming group ... they will help you out ...try installing vista or windows 7 beta and using modded drivers from the intel9xx gaming ... if this also doesn't work then we have to see some work around .. you have mentioned that it is a common problem with the game ... So there might be a patch for the game ...and make sure that u have install all the patches for this game .. and let me know ... if it works ...

  45. i've intel core2duo 2.2ghz, 1gb ram, 82945G of duty 2 is not working...even with mods.
    what should i do.....

  46. Will fo-shur try on Atlantic Online tonight, and post the goodies!!

  47. please give me the list for D915gvw model with 512mb ram and pentium 4

  48. Hi madhu ... u can join this group ... just google intel9xx ... i think there is a list of games that can run in intel 915 ...

  49. hello what about call of duty2 ......
    i've intel core2duo 2.2ghz, 1gb ram, of duty 2 is not working even with mods...what should i do.....

  50. Hi there .. well the game works in windows vista and windows 7 .. u can play with normal drivers using 3D Analyze software ... but u will not be able to get good fps ... when ingame try to change the settings to Directx 7 .. then you may get good fps ... but not good graphics .. Hope this helps ...
    and also try addgame.reg ..which i have mentioned above in the post ... let me know if you still have problem

  51. hey has anyone played crisis and crisis warhead without any problems on the modded drivers vista32, on my pc both give a white screen after a while help on this

  52. Wikipedia said gma950 had vertex shader 3.0 , why it can't play "call of duty 4" which just requires vertex shader 2.0?

  53. Hi there ... Well intel GMA 950 support Vertex shader 3.0 in software only . Call of duty 4 needs hardware vertex shader thats why the game does not work . Most of the vertex processing for intel GMA 950 is done by the processor (CPU).Because of this we get low fps in all games. if the GMA had hardware vertex shader then we could have run games like oblivion and even crysis with good FPS. Hope this explains why call of duty 4 is unplayable in GMA 950 . But still people are trying different ways to run it on the GMA 950.

  54. so can this run any CoD game?

  55. I hav GMA 950 .. i get a very poor fps while playin Counter strike 1.6 ..usually i get a fps of 30 :( ..can't i get more fps vid this card ..

  56. I have GMA 950 also but i only use it for browsing the websites . Predator

  57. Hi Guys,

    Well intel GMA 950 can run call of duty 1 and 2 .. and about the CS 1.6 i think ur card is doing very well ... maybe u can try changing the renders from direct3d to openGL . let me know if you have gained FPS or .. u can download the modded drivers from intel 9xx gaming site. let me know if you have gained any fps ..

  58. @Neo ... for better fps now i close every thing before playin CS 1.6 ... using game booster ...
    now my fps is around 40-50

  59. Can I play Nfs Pro Street in Intel Gma 950??

  60. Has anybody tried the starcraft 2 beta on intel GMA 950???

  61. Hi guys ... i just did some digging in intel 9xx group and i found the Starcraft 2 works on intel GMA 950 with all low settings . I think people with good processor and Ram can run the game in medium settings .. So guys .. Jeon .. Hope this news will make you happy

  62. Thank you so mUCH MAN!!!

  63. OMG, I heard 945GM can run CoD 4 ???
    Is it true ?

  64. Yes, Starcraft II beta works on GMA950. After some time of playing with setting, it was also quite good looking :o) (of course not as good looking, as on my table PC) even on my old laptop FS C1410! Thank You Blizzard!!!! Dron

  65. Hello to everyone who is reading this blog.I have some questions. I use a LG X110 netbook-İntel graphics driver - and I like to play Dungeon Lords.Now of course it doesn't start so i used 3d analyze like it says on every site. The game Starts and crashes in the intro video and if I skip the intro, it goes to the main menu without a problem but when the game starts it crashes again. I don't know how to solve this and if you can help i'll be extremely glad. Thanks.

  66. I am playing X2 the threat. The game runs fine except there are no textures on characters, ships , metorites and stations. I have Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family. I know intel cards do not handle texture properly under X2 the threat but is there any solution?

  67. you are the best Neo, nothing to declare with you, you are the best even

  68. I used 3D analyze on Windows has stopped working splinter cell chaos theory but ''Windows has stopped working splinter cell chaos theory.
    Can you help me please. Thanks

  69. Hi All ,

    its been a long time .. well about splinter cell chaos theory .. I didn't have any problem with Splinter cell chaos theory . I think the game is utlilizing the full Processor capacity. Because of that the game is stopped by windows . So, Try to use modded drivers from the Intel 9xx gaming or try using 3D analyze with windows 7 and just checj the emulate hardware TnL .. that is enough to run the game ..

    Hope this works


  70. Thanks a lot for the great instruction on how to play games on my netbook. That makes me very happy!!! So go on with that stuff - and have fun!!


  71. neo, i have a intel gma 965 can i run pro evolution soccer 2009? how?

  72. Yes u can play Pro Evolution soccer 2009 on your PC ...

  73. oh very thanks and f1 delux 2010?
    pes 2010? soz so much questions ;)

  74. you can play torchlight with low settings on intel GMA 950.

  75. hi neo..

    this is very helpful information tnx...

    but on your blog on the 3d analyze..
    "you can save this setting as batch file . Instead of running the software again and again you can run the batch file."

    How do you do that? sorry..


  76. somebody plz find out a config to play crysis properly.It works on modded drivers. But during the middle of the gaame it lags like hell and in warhead it crashes at below the thunder level. If any of u guys hav played(completed) crysis with any known config. can u plz send me. I have 2gb ram dual core intel 950 gma....

  77. for stalker soc lovers. stalker clear sky and call of pripyat works in intel 950gma. i've checked it out. use modded drivers to get max fps.
    it works without modded drivers also. i've completed all 3 parts using 950gma. thank you gsc and xrengine. if anyone hasn't tried it yet. get your ass upto the stores and buy it.Coz the whole stalker series ROCKZZ.....I hav 2 gb ram intel 950gma and dual core 2ghz

  78. hi 950 gma users. i'm the same guy above, the witcher works with 3d analyze keep it on low settings for best performance. on high settings its very laggy and unplayable. guys i beg u to play this game because its one of the best rpg ever made. it ROCKZZZ......

  79. Does heroes of newerth really doesnt work on Intel gma950??

  80. heroes of newerth does work on intel gma 950 on low settings

  81. Hi Neo, Thanks for yr blog. Despite exactly followed 3D Analyzer Direction Steps, I'm still getting the same error message:
    My specs are HP mini 1000, w INTEL(R) GMA 950 card, XP SP 3. Per HP SUPPORT SITE my mini has no issues, & drivers are the latest.Testing of dxdriver shows all fine, & no hardware issues. Hmmm, any clue what I can do next? green

  82. i kno dat dis news is going to shock u all. i jus finished playing bully the ps2 version of the game using pcsx2 0.9.7beta,glad it worked out in a gma 950. most of the time i get an average fps of 32-26. but beware u must have a good processor to play games in pcsx2 a minimum dual core will do the trick.. any1 interested on how to make bully ps2 work wid your system with gma 950 jus comment.... i'll reply

  83. Hi, i'm playing aion on a private server (infiniteaion), since aion doesn't use .bat/.exe extension, how am i gonna use 3danalyzer to play aion using its .bin file.... and i launch the game using the private server's launcher as well... i just want to try to run this 3danalyzer to see if it will significantly change the game's performance...i also use that intel gma on a windows 7..

  84. I'm using 3danalyser & swiftshader for a long time but always searching for more emulating techniques on internet and now i got this Blog it is excellent i got more info such as modding driver , addreg etc.
    I've a problem with Splintercell pandora tommorow
    using 3d analyser first 2 stages i cleared smothly and at the end of second stage when sam fisher open the door to the 3rd stage the game crashes to the desk top
    i tried 3d analyser but game is laggy.
    do u have a fix for this problem.

  85. I'm using 3danalyser & swiftshader for a long time but always searching for more emulating techniques on internet and now i got this Blog it is excellent i got more info such as modding driver , addreg etc.
    I've a problem with Splintercell pandora tommorow
    using 3d analyser first 2 stages i cleared smothly and at the end of second stage when sam fisher open the door to the 3rd stage the game crashes to the desk top
    i tried Swift Shader(mistake on above post) but game is laggy.
    do u have a fix for this problem.

  86. Hey Sandeep.. did you try using Addreg . i don't think you need 3D analyzer for this . I was able to play the game without any problem. Can you please post your System details. If your processor is not able to handle the load then it may crash. Just try out addreg. What option r u checking in 3D analyzer. Hope it helps

  87. i have ram 512mb
    vram 6000mb
    grap 128 mb
    pros core 2 duo 1.85 ghz
    with swift shader 3.0 i ran farcry 2

  88. Hey Neo, I just want to ask what is the setting for the game obscure 2. The game crashes at main menu. Please help me

  89. Hi neo, i also using 950 chipset ,i just want to ask if I play medal of honor : pacific assualt using your 3d analyzer,would it be working or there are some configs i will have to set? sorry for my english. Thank you

  90. This comment has been removed by the author.

  91. Is age of pirate work on intel 945

  92. your a moron,but nice work on making a software mode video card emulator for useless video hardware.

    quote "Games like Splinter cell chaos theory, Devil may cry 3 , crysis etc are playable"

    watching benchmarks of the Intel gpu 950 trying to run crysis at doom2 240x200 res~min settings max 7 fps min 1fps {crash} is not what i consider "playable"

    as it is on a core 2 4000mgz water cooled with a geforce 9 9800gtx 512 video ram is what id consider borderline playable and i can all most hold 60fps but not all the time in crysis
    with medium game settings at 1024x786 res,at times to keep the game playable i have to lower the res to yuck, 800x600res.

    i have the gpu in question on my laptop and it cant even run a 11 year old game at a playable fps and is the most useless pos iv never seen for gaming.
    a geforce 2 mx 200 with 32 megs sdr could do better.

    playable btw is stable 30 fps min.
    lower then that = unplayable for most games.

    the gma 950 seeing as it doesn't support T&L on a hardware level means its not even compatible with directX 3,and imho using software to act like a 3d performance decelerator vampire on your cpu is a wast of time aka all Intel gpus ,10% hardware 90% software cpu\main system ram performance vampire}

  93. I tried Medieval II, but the battle were too laggy to call it playable.

  94. I have i7, 8GB RAM, Intel HD3000 still cant play HAWX using 3D analyse..
    any suggestions??

  95. Hi Anuj, I think you need to update your drivers .. As far as i know HAWX works fine in intel HD3000...u may not be able to play in high setting but in decent settings

  96. which metal gear solid does it work with?

  97. can u tell me how to run games which are asking shader pixel 3.0

  98. Hi Bhagesh.. You cannot run any pixel shader 3.0 game on GMA 950. Sorry to say you need to upgrade ur hardware if you are using GMA 950 and want to play the latest games

  99. wath this work for need for speed run ?
    i have compatibility
    :Windows 7 profesional
    :2GB ram
    :intel core 2 duo t5870 @2ghz

  100. i have hp mini 110 netbook but i cant run fifa 09 . what will i do ? i used the 3d analyze but it wont work ?? pls ... comment here ?

  101. hello neo, how can you help me my system configuration is
    perating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.120305-1505)
    System Model: HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC
    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 330 @ 2.13GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.1GHz
    Memory: 4096MB RAM
    Card name: Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator HD
    Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
    Chip type: Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator HD (Core i3)
    DAC type: Internal
    Display Memory: 1696 MB
    Dedicated Memory: 32 MB
    Shared Memory: 1664 MB

    I just got need for speed Hot Pursuit,when i try to play it, it is so dark that i cant see. it looks like i am playing at night without headlights on. How can you help me i need to play this game

  102. hey first update your driver and see if it solves the problem .. else try to minimize all the setting in the game and see if it works...

  103. nice list, thanks,i do refer to it, but i was able to run harry potter and the order of the phoenix on my computer with intel gma 950, 1.5 gigs of ram and win xp, so pl. update

  104. hello neo, could intel gma 950 run nfs world? and what setting? (srry for bad english

  105. hey everyone! just wanted to ask neo that how did yu modded yur driver?

  106. very useful infromation for old computers.

  107. excuse me
    is this possible on macbooks? if so please contact :

  108. nice list, thanks,i do refer to it, but i was able to run harry potter and the order of the phoenix on my computer with intel gma 950, 1.5 gigs of ram and win xp, so pl. update



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