Monday, June 4, 2012


Hey All, Its been almost two years after my last post and now i am back with new hardware and new review. In this Post i will be reviewing the Intel 2nd Generation HD Graphics (aka Intel HD 3000). Comparing to my previous review intel GMA 950 this review will not feature list of Games playable for intel HD Graphics as i am damn sure that intel HD graphics can play all the current generation Games. The main reason why i am saying this is that intel HD graphics comes with the support of Hardware TnL whereas Intel GMA 950 Only had Software TnL. Also, Intel HD graphics support directx 10.1 and openGL 3.1.It will be very bad to compare intel GMA 950 and intel HD Graphics now as these two are almost 3 Generation apart. So Guys keep watching this space for the review.
Instead of writing a review i have decided to show some video's that's already been present in YouTube

Battlefield 3
Both the above games are next generation games and they work pretty well in low-medium settings in intel HD graphics